wilder lazo honey pink bourbon

wilder lazo honey pink bourbon

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If there was ever a coffee to steal the spotlight, this one is it. But that's not how Colombian farmer Wilder Lazo planned it. In fact, coffee was an afterthought for him as he grew up on his father's farm, high on a hillside near the town of San Adolfo in southern Huila. Wilder grew up with a passion for cattle and decided to pursue a degree in veterinary science. However, when his father told him that he was going to sell the farm, Wilder decided to move home to take over the family business. Since he knew nothing about coffee, Wilder traveled to Panama, Costa Rica, and Guatemala to learn how to grow high quality coffee from other farmers. 

He planted the rare pink bourbon variety, known to be floral and sweet but also resistant to diseases like coffee rust. In addition to selecting an excellent variety, Wilder has taken the extra step to pursue experimental processing methods. He spent two weeks with his coffee cherries and the expert team from Cofinet at their La Pradera mill to learn the honey carbonic maceration process (see details below), which he now implements on his own farm.   

His dedication to education and attention detail have certainly paid off. Across our entire coffee sourcing program we pay an average of $3.15/lb. for green coffee. This rare gem from Wilder fetched an astonishing $8.00/lb., which is an indication not only of all the hard work Wilder and the Cofinet team put into this coffee, but the complex and delicious results in the cup.

We hope you appreciate everything that has gone into bringing you this fruity, floral, richly complex coffee!

FLAVOR PROFILE: fruity & complex
 mango nectar, acacia honey, cocoa puffs



more details:


  • Farm: El Rubi

  • Town: San Adolfo

  • Department: Huila

  • Country: Colombia

VARIETY: 100% Pink Bourbon

GROWING ELEVATION: 1,700 MASL (meters above sea level)

MILLING PROCESS: Honey carbonic maceration: The cleaned, fully intact coffee cherries are placed in a sealed tank without water and allowed to macerate for 65 hours at 68 degrees F (20 degrees C). During this time the cherries are broken down by microbes, exposing the sticky mucilage. The coffee is then pulped and placed back in the tank, flushed with carbon dioxide, and sealed for another 24 hours. After that time, most of the mucilage falls off, and the still-sticky coffee seeds are placed on raised beds to dry in the sun for 8-10 days.


  • Farmer - Wilder Lazo

  • Wet Mill/Processing Center - La Pradera (COFINET)
  • Dry Mill - El Vertical

  • Exporter & Importer - COFINET

meet the farmers: 

At Succulent Coffee Roasters, we value our partners and seek out any opportunity to highlight their stories. “Wilder Lazo Honey Pink Bourbon” is part of our Transparent Trade Collection and as such, the featured photos give you a behind-the-scenes look at the farm and the people behind the delicious coffee.


Pink hued coffee cherries of the pink bourbon variety are ripe and ready to be picked.

Coffee producer Wilder Lazo standing among his coffee trees on his farm, El Rubi.  


Whole coffee cherries undergoing a controlled carbonic maceration. Injecting carbon dioxide into a sealed environment creates a carbon-rich, oxygen-free environment where only certain microbes thrive to produce the unique combination of floral, fruity, and deep chocolate flavors in this special coffee.

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