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Finca La Reforma sits on the fertile slope of Ilamatepec - the Santa Ana Volcano - in the western highlands of El Salvador. It is an ideal location for the Alvarez family to grow their Bourbon coffee, which regularly scores 90+ points in the Cup of Excellence. 

Lush native shade trees protect the shorter coffee trees from the hot sun that beats down on the high mountain terrain. Cool nights slow the maturation process of the coffee, allowing the sugars in the fruit to naturally sweeten over time. And nutrient rich soil from the volcanic earth feeds and nourishes the plants to health. Once the coffee cherries reach their peak ripe, red color, the Alvarez Family prepares this natural coffee under strict quality standards developed over four generations of growing, processing, and exporting coffee. 

Colombian immigrant Rafael Alvarez Lalinde established the farm in 1892 when he found himself at the right place at the right time during a wave of repressive government land reforms that stripped communal land from native people and consolidated it in the hands of foreigners and local wealthy elite families. Notwithstanding, the Alvarez family has managed and grown their coffee enterprise over four generations to include a number of award-winning farms and the world-renowned mill, El Borbollon. In addition, the family has created a culture of companionship, health and well-being, and respect for the environment throughout their entire operation.

FLAVOR PROFILE: fruity & complex
 dried mango, raisin bread, cane sugar



more details:


  • Farm: La Reforma
  • Town: Calzontes Arriba, Santa Ana
  • Department: Santa Ana
  • Country: El Salvador

VARIETY: Bourbon

GROWING ALTITUDE: 1,300-1,450 MASL (meters above sea level)

PROCESS: Natural


  • Farmers - The Alvarez Family

  • Mill & Exporter - El Borbollon (also owned by the Alvarez family)

  • Importer - Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

meet the farmers: 

At Succulent Coffee Roasters, we value our partners and seek out any opportunity to highlight their stories. “La Reforma” is part of our Transparent Trade Collection and as such, the featured photos give you a behind-the-scenes look at the farm, the dry mill, and the people behind the delicious coffee.


Eduardo Alvarez (far right) is the owner of Finca La Reforma and the El Borbollon mill and export company. He is pictured overseeing the inspection of his coffee trees. 


Bourbon coffee plant with green, unripe cherries. They will not be picked until they all turn a deep red color, signaling that they are fully ripe and sweet.


Coffee pickers weigh their sacks of freshly picked coffee cherries. They will be paid based on the weight of the day's harvest.

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