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(Written by our friends at Primavera Coffee)

Erica Cano, along with her two sons, has grown coffee on the El Rancho farm for more than ten years. El Rancho is so named because it’s a local term for home, and this family is tied together by their love for their home and their coffee farm!

Erica is a second generation farmer who inherited a small parcel of coffee-producing land from her father about 15 years ago. Her husband had to leave their hometown to find work, so Erica took charge of the family farm five years ago. With his income they have added more small parcels of land to their farm, and Erica moved them toward specialty coffee production three years ago. Erica has been sharing her knowledge with her sons in order to help them develop skills as coffee producers too. The family hopes to continue working with high quality coffee in the future!


Here is a note from Erica, in her own words:

"On the farm we have been experimenting with finding better ways to work in order to achieve a higher quality product, and this has improved the well-being of the family. One of our goals is to maintain our coffee’s quality and continue growing as coffee professionals, both for us now and for future generations. We are also happy that we can contribute to the local economy by providing work opportunities to those who need them." 


FLAVOR PROFILE: sweet & smooth
 raspberry, toasted hazelnut, sweet cream



more details:


  • Farm: El Rancho

  • Town: Caserio Chalun, San Antonio Huista

  • Department: Huehuetenango

  • Country: Guatemala

VARIETIES: Caturra, Bourbon, Mundo Novo

GROWING ALTITUDE: 1,500-1,680 MASL (meters above sea level)

MILLING PROCESS: washed, sun dried on patios


  • Farmer - Erica Cano

  • Dry Mill & Exporter - La Central de Café

  • Importer - Primavera Coffee

meet the farmers: 

At Succulent Coffee Roasters, we value our partners and seek out any opportunity to highlight their stories. “El Rancho” is part of our Transparent Trade Collection and as such, the featured photos give you a behind-the-scenes look at the farm and the people behind the delicious coffee.


Coffee producer Erica Cano showing off her coffee trees. Green cherries indicate the fruit is still ripening and not ready for the harvest until they turn red. 

Fully ripened coffee cherries of a Bourbon coffee plant, ready to be picked.
Freshly picked coffee cherries.

freshly roasted

seasonal selections

thoughtfully sourced

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